Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Runnin' For The Hills

After careful consideration of all of the suggestions on how to dispose of "evidence," I realized that most of you are a little touched... and that's okay. As a matter of fact, that's very good! You are all great muses.

I had originally thought to tell you a great tale. A tale of a hypothetical blogger in need of evidence disposal, and his journey to get rid of incriminating "snapping turtle bait." His run to the Blogoshere Embassy and the Ambassador of the Blogoshere, seeking asylum. But alas, I'm not going to do it.

Instead, I'll tell you that my trip down to Eric's was a blast. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but there were no knifin's, slicin's, or beatings. Not a single sippie cup. It was a very relaxing trip, and we got to visit a hell of a lot. It may or may not have been evident in my blogging, but I was in need of a vacation... short though it was.

My first day, I think I startled Eric when I called him from Knoxville. I managed to arrive somewhere around 1:30-2:00, after I napped. Hey, I'm not Superman... a man's gotta rest at least once a month. Once I got there, I promptly drained his stash of Shiner Bock. Good, good stuff. We hung out talking, and I watched as he shared the secrets of his "spaghetti sauce." Spaghetti sauce, my ass. That stuff is way too intricate to call spaghetti sauce! I'd share with you, but then I would have to off all who read this... and that's alot of miles to run. So until he offers to share, you folks are out of luck.

That evening we watched Zulu. First time ever seeing that movie, while I had heard of it. Damn good flick... seriously. I loved the defense of the poor bastards stuck at the post. I will say though, were I ever to see Jack Hawkins' character, first I would have to fight the urge to run away screaming... he died in '73. Then I would attempt to dot his frickin' eye... this character screams, "Beat the everlovin' piss out of me, because you're all going to die!" Anyway, we ended up having a discussion about the movie and tactics... cool.

Next day, we ran up to the mountains. His wife had the day off, and went with us. Damn good time, once again. A little bit of teasing and pokin' fun. Drove the Cherohala Skyway, or rather, part of it. Then we headed up to the mountains. Got chow at a little bistro on the way back, where Eric had a bowl of $8 soup... and I'll someday have a pic to prove it. Damn good soup... even if it was a variation of P-r-ogresso! (Inside joke)

One thing... Eric almost dumped me into the river. Not as if he'd pushed me, or anything like that. As you know, I have a severe opposition to snakes. I was walking down to the river, keeping my eye on the rocks, when I jumped. As I jumped, Eric says, "Watch out for snakes!" 'Course, me being a huge chicken, once I heard "snake," my imagination told me that he yelled, "Watch out for the snakes." As I landed, my legs turned to jello, and I about bit it.

Got back, and proceded to spend the hours drinking, talking, and laughing well into the next morning. A great time.

This isn't the first time I've met the man... back in March, I was privileged to meet him. But this was a great time to sit and visit.... I really didn't want to do much other than kick back, relax, and bullshit. And the man delivered.

I've got to tell you right now, it was one of the best weekends I've had in a long while. And getting to know Eric and his wife a little better was a great way to spend it. I must tell you, should you ever have a problem with the man and/or his wife, tell me immediately, and I shall promptly dot your eye. You'll be hard pressed to meet people like them.

Eric, I owe you big time... thanks again, Bro! When I get the chance to reciprocate, believe me, I will.