Friday, February 24, 2006

Heading Out...

Well, another day of being down... no biggie. Pixy's let me know he's going to try to contact Insight, unless this difficulty cures itself soon.

You folks probably won't hear much from me... I'm heading up to Wisconsin Dells with my whole family. I will be taking the laptop with me, but since it's the first trip we've taken as a family in about... well hell,... it's gotta be close to twenty years, I don't think I'll spend too much time on the damn thing.

The Perfect One and I may reminisce about some of our pyromaniac activities... V-Man wants to hear stories of destruction, fire, and woe. There's plenty of stories from this family, but I'm not sure about statute of limitations... could be you'll get a story from us.

If I get a chance, but I doubt it, I'd like to head another 80 or so miles north to visit with another blogger. But family do come first. We'll have to see. If not this time, there'll be another chance.

Type at ya folks later, and have a good weekend.

\oo/ >.< \oo/ Blogosphere, YOU ROCK! GOODNIGHT!!!