Sunday, February 24, 2008

Housewarming Party

Grab a six pack, or a bottle, and follow me.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I just mailed off a wedding card... had a hell of a time trying to get them a gift. Macy's, Target, Sears... none of them had what I was looking for.

Why don't folks register with a liquor store?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


If Dubya blogged, it might read like this...

Nice Guy

Gott knows, I'm a nice guy. Hell... you should, too. I've told you that enough. So when someone asks for help, or makes a request, I'll do my damnedest to hook a person up. It's what I do.

Tammi made a request in the comments below... I'm trying to hook her up. She wanted naked pictures of Jennifer Aniston, I'll give her nearly nekkid pictures of Jennifer Aniston. I don't ask the reasons why, I just try to please.

Hope this is good enough for her...

'Cuz I'm a nice guy...

Aniston ass

huddled Jennifer

Lucky cello

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Monday, February 11, 2008


248. Wxman, time to go...


Jen Aniston


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mo's B-Day

Today is the birthday of Mo, sister of Bou. Bou has a great post up for her. Unfortunately, munu comments no longer appear to be available.

So instead, I'll just wish Mo a very Happy Birthday here!

Faith in Humanity?

It is not wise, to go, on a Sunday afternoon, to the world that Walton built.

Any liking I've developed for folks has been shot to hell.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


T1G: "Are there many 'gators in this area?"
Old Guy: "Nah... they ain't around here."
Other Old Guy: "Ain't true... I seen one ta other day. It was in that pond over by them new condos."
Old Guy: "You're on them goofy pills."
Other Old Guy: "I swear it..."
Old Guy (turning to me): "There might be some, but they don't generally hang in this area... too close to salt water. It's pretty damn rare."

Yeah. Right. Saw my first Florida 'gator coming back from Sun City. I don't know how big "big" is, but I'd say this was big. Damn near 10'. Big enough to make my skin crawl... and, of course, I thought of Jimbo. He loves'em.

"Rare" my ass.


Headutting. Or Zidaning... it's the in thing.

Now a jockey's gone and used his noggin on his horse. See it here. Personally, I liked Zidane's blast better.

Word has it that the horse took a page from Materazzi (Zidane's butting bag), insulting the jockey, Paul O'Neill, and his family. More specifically, he'd implied that O'Neill's mother had worked a show in Tijuana with a cousin of his.

Monday, July 24, 2006

A Note

Dear Pa,

Hope things are going well for you, and that the Big Guy has you set up right. I'm sure you know all about it, but I'm down here in Florida, helping out Aunt D., trying to get Uncle Russ' business rolling again, so that we can sell.

As I often do, I was thinking of you today. Alot. I was remembering how I used to follow you around in the machine shops and the garage, asking about tools and why certain things needed certain care and others didn't. All of us kids would ask if we could help saw, or drill things for you. You'd patiently explain everything to us, and sometimes allow us to help. And help for real, not just to entertain ourselves. I remember the first tool box you got for me... full of real tools. I think I was seven or eight at the time. You'd show us how to use some tools, and explain why we couldn't run others until we were older. I love ya for that...

Today, I had the chance to watch over S's boy (he's ten already!). He followed me around the shop asking questions, wanting to help, and playing with some of the tools I thought it safe for him. I got to spend most of the day with him. Kind of a learning experience, and a realization of what you did for us.

I just wanted to thank you, Pa, for not killing me.

Love and miss you,