Monday, November 01, 2004


A little something that I wrote after a gawdawful lovely Monday.


I 'waken to the morn's first light
the start of a fresh day.
The chance to start all things anew,
..... damn, the sky looks gray.

I feel a sudden nervous twinge,
don't like this covered sun.
Glance quickly at the alarm clock,
"Oh, crap!," it's half past one.

At once, I fly out of the rack
I've got to leave by two.
I fall into a crumpled heap,
as I trip over my shoes.

Cautiously, I start to shower,
cold water's what I dread.
It shouldn't be my main concern...
I slip and smash my head.

Lying on the floor of the tub,
I don't appear alive.
When suddenly my fear's realized...
cold water doth revive!

I towel myself off carefully,
I'm aching everywhere.
Still a little woozy, use a
razor to "brush" my hair.

Throw on a hat, run out the door,
to eat something, I stop.
Hurriedly hit the road again,
"Pull over!" says the cop.

Checking plates, writing out ticket,
a twenty minute wait.
I'm finally on the road once more,
but thirty minutes "late."

I'm running through the door at work,
"Hey, what's the hurry, Mack?
Did you forget, or'd no one tell,
your start time's been moved back?!"

I make my way back to my car,
to cheer myself I try.
I realize things could be worse,
I could be "that one guy"!