Saturday, July 22, 2006


Went out with the aunt and cousin last night. We saw a local band called Three Floors Up, obviously a cover band. But I've got to say, those guys rocked... they were very good. Anything from Otis Redding to REO Speedwagon, from SRV to Deep Purple, the Cars to Cheap Trick, they played it and played it well. They did a kickass version of "Spooky," and, while I don't usually get excited about anyone (including Deep Purple) doing "Smoke on the Water," they rocked it. They kept people on the dance floor all evening... It was cool to hear them do the hometown boys' "I Want You To Want Me"... the floor was instantly packed. There's a lot of Midwesterners down here.

I did not dance, but I got a kick out of watching those that did. One old man asked a younger woman for a slow dance, after he had been dancing around her for a bit. She told him, "Maybe if you'd bathe!" When he asked her if it was that bad, she very loudly told him that he reeked! Heheheh... I almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

Of course, Eric's point was proved when they played RSM's main man. The floor was swarmed by writhing bodies when they played "Purple Rain." Jeebus. The ladies do like it...

One couple, in their seventies, was out there grinding... I was in shock... at first I thought it disgusting. But then I thought about it, and just figured "Go, man! Go! Just don't have a heart attack!" Hey, at least they were having fun, though I about had a heart attack myself when she bent down and ground her ass into him. You should have seen his face...

Overall, it was a pretty damn good time.

Only strange part of the night was when the band played "Free Bird," a tune I almost hate, now that I've heard it 14,238 times. My aunt got up and walked out, looking pissed. Shortly, my cousin followed. I asked my cousin's hubby what that was all about.

She wasn't pissed. Turns out "Free Bird" was one of the songs played when they distributed my uncle's ashes. As a matter of fact, it was playing when they were heading back, followed by a single gull. That bird followed them until the song stopped. Obviously, that's what she was thinking of when they played it. She's still having a hard time. Seems possible that my uncle may be feeling the same...

There's a magic microwave that turns on by itself in the middle of the night, and doors that open by themselves.