Monday, November 01, 2004

Treat and Trick?

I went over to my cousin's place today, and it's a day full of fun. I got to break up a fight, and had to pull off the "ah, don't worry about it" act.

The older of the two boys loves football. Our town's high school team has made it to state four times in the last seven (?) years. Last year they went again, and won. Older started out with the team, but thanks to a couple of concussions and blackouts, he didn't get to play for the year. He was able to be on the sidelines when they won the championship. He was happy, but bummed at the same time. He was looking forward to playing this year, with the hopes that they would get back to state.

Head injuries have once again kept him on the sidelines. He's been involved with the team, practicing with them, and lifting, but he can't suit up. And of course, the team is again in the playoffs, and won handily (35-0) in the first round. He's crushed knowing he can't be an active part of the team.

Younger also plays. The kid is strong as an ox, but has no heart for the game. He could easily be a starter if he tried at all. This drives everyone nuts, especially Older.

Younger is also a "mouth." Today he and Older got to squabbling as brothers should. Then out of nowhere, comes "Oh, shut up, Waterboy!" Older just went nuts. After some grappling and choking, and a few half-hearted "knock it off"s from me, the punching began. I let Older hammer him a couple of good times, and then shoved my way between them. I stuck my head right in the middle of the two, and the punching stopped. Yes, I was making them think that if they hit me, both of their butts were going to get kicked! I sent Older outside to cool off, while I had a chat with Younger. The cool part was, even though there were others (parents) around, we were able to keep them from knowing.

The other fun part of the day wasn't fun at all. The Sister to Older and Younger has made some complaints before about hurting under her arms. She's a cheerleader, so much of the pain has been attributed to catches. But in the last week, she's developed some lumps under her arms. As in, "right where the lymph nodes are" under the arm. Today when I was talking with her mom, she said something that made me stop. And then immediately go into the "ah, don't worry too much" mode. She asked me about Hodgkins disease. I had another cousin, years ago, that had that, right at about the same age as Sister. The doctors were able to get rid of it then, but it did come back, and she had so many problems for the rest of her life ......

I know it's way to early to be worried, but after I left there, that's all I've done. Hell, the reason I'm up posting right now is because I had a nightmare about it. Yes, she is going to the doctor this week. And I'm almost sure that it's just going to be some kind of infection being fought off. But I can't help but worry. The kid is my bud. Keep your fingers crossed for her.