Saturday, July 09, 2005


With any luck, yesterday's intro to the weekend was just a feint, and no uppercut will follow. Hell, even getting the two tickets wasn't that bad... the cop and I were joking. It was one of those roadside safety checks. About the funniest part was my unctuous retrieval of my insurance card... that wasn't there. I already knew that I was probably going to get a ticket for failure to have a driver's license on me. (I never carry a wallet.) But I was kinda smug after he asked for the card. "Ha ha, Mr. Serve and Protect," I'm thinking to myself, "I may even get away with just a warning once you see my insurance card, which is. right. here..... ah, crap."

As I said though, it wasn't there. Thank gott I had an old card in the glove compartment. It served as my form of ID. No huge deal other than inconvenience. Court date is middle of the week, 9 am. I start work at 8. Ah well, that will learn me.

Anyway, today I get to drive up to Pittsville, WI, for a family reunion. I'm chauffeuring my grandma and ma up. Should be a good time... just not looking forward to the 3 hour drive each way. Not that it's really that long. But it is quite a long stretch to go without my tunes!

Reunions can be boring at times, but it's very cool to watch some of these people that you've never met, and see that there are many who share both physical and character traits, and personalities, with the family members that you do know. When I met my grandfather's family for the first time, a few years back, it was funny, because there were whole families that almost mirrored those we knew!

So that's the plan for the day. May post later, once I get back. You all have a good day, and a great weekend! Peace out...